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All the pictures on this website cannot be used without permission. The vast majority of the artworks herein have already been sold for commercial usage to the various companies. And they are using these images for their own brands, books etc. Please do not try to use them for any other commercial usage without notification. Although legal action is not preferred, it is mandatory for most images herein.

about copyrights.

Copyright issue is not a very difficult subject to understand. It can be briefly summarized as follows: Every painting or other artwork belongs only to the creator of the work. Therefore, the copyright holder cannot be anyone other than the creator of the work. This rule applies to all kinds of works of art and ideas, such as music, texts, books, as well as pictures.

If the creator of the work wishes, he can sell the work he has prepared to others for money, give it free of charge, or transfer the copyright rights of all or part of it to someone else in return for money. However, it should be known that even in this case, the original picture and the publishing rights are different, and even if all the publishing rights are purchased, the owner of the work cannot be anybody other than the creator of the work, therefore, it cannot be used without permission wherever desired.

Necessary legal regulations and detailed information can be found on official government websites:

All images on this website have copyrights and these rights have been sold to various organizations in whole or in part and cannot be used for any other commercial purpose without written permission. Even Ural Akyüz may not be able to use every picture here for commercial purposes elsewhere. It may be obligatory to take legal action if it is detected. Copyright laws are standard and precise laws in the international arena. You can find the list of participating countries here: (https://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ38a.pdf) Please do not put yourself in a difficult situation to get out of. Most of the images on this site are unsuitable for commercial use. Using these pictures in a book you have written, in a magazine, or in promoting your own private brand can constitute a serious offense. If you have a commercial request, the best way is to ask and communicate using the contact form below.

However, if there are pictures you want for "promotion or news purposes" or "non-commercial use" by showing reference, you can make a request using the contact form below. Such requests are welcomed and helped as much as possible.

Please feel free to contact for any questions.

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