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Ural Akyuz's New Fantasy Board Game Artworks Published

Ural Akyuz's New Fantasy Board Game Artworks Published

Artists experience the same happiness a little child does when they get a new toy when they see their paintings published.
I re-experienced this happiness with the Dragon Bowl game cards I illustrated that were posted to me. Seeing the pictures I painted, in person on the physical cards made it my best day of 2021.
Many thanks to Scarb Enterprises for this opportunity. Each of the cards is printed with excellent quality and I am really proud to be part of this beautiful work.
I will share more detailed information about the paitings on the cards after the game is released.

2 minutes short movie, compiled from my recent works.

All the images, drawings and paintings shown in the video are from my art portfolio works that I prepared for valuable publishers. I created the video with the illustrations I drew and paint myself. But I have to thank Harvey Fox, Armando Payne, Megan Harrison, Edward Taylor, Harry Hawkins and Genesistudio, and of course Ruslan Ivanov for their videos.

The music and effects were also edited by me in the video, but the publishing rights of the original works were purchased separately from the artists. "audio_atomy" for The Cinematic Trailer, "Orchestralis" for Epic Middle Eastern Vocal Trailer, many thanks to prosoundfx, sonic-boom, TibaSFX, FxProSound, GameChestAudio, marburymedia, for various sound effects in the video.