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A New Ongoing, Great Project:
Shadow Fey Artworks

"War and Treachery stirs among the Kingdoms of Khaiboron. In their dark citadels, the High Priestesses with their Dark Maidens plot and scheme against friend and foe."

It is an important principle for me to keep every work as secret before the project is completed and published. In fact, I may not find it right to mention many studies even after they have been published while adhering to privacy principles. But this project started differently. From the production stage, the author Jack Whitsel has promoted on his own blog.

The website even had its first interview and chat with me there. That's why I don't mind talking about it anymore.

Great content for those who like Dark Fantasy. Don't miss out!

An important work worth working on for a long time. We continue to prepare each section with care. Each work is prepared separately, individually valuable and worth a separate work. And I believe that when it is finished, a very beautiful work will come out. Great new project by Jack Whitsel. Visual art work belongs to me. He will reveal the details himself over time. I recommend you to follow.

Ural Akyüz Ramos Shadow Fey Artwork

The Reaper of Ambul-Va

The Tower of Ambul-Va is rich with history and lore. For nearly eight hundred years it has stood in the Kingdom of Melkar as a symbol of power and ritual sorcery.

Within its darkened halls, there is not a Shadow Fey more infamous than Ravos of the Iyukar. Even at a young age for Elvenkind, his ability with sword and sorcery has earned him the position of Reaper. With this title comes the responsibility of commanding the Tower's Sentinels; the Coven-guard of Ambul-Va. Born of nobility and possessing unparelled cunning, he has forged his dominance through a baptism of bloodshed.

Ural Akyüz Ramos Shadow Fey Artwork

Tower of Ambul-Va

The Tower of Ambul-Va is dedicated to the worship of Helaru – the Shadow Fey Goddess of Blood Magic and murder. Within its halls, Dark Maidens and Priestesses conduct sacrificial rituals to create protective wards, prolong youth, and unleash curses.

I do not find it right to give more information here. It would be more correct to review the official pages. I would just like to transfer an interview made with me and published on the official site.

Artist Profile: Ural Akyuz

"This post is a spotlight for an incredible artist. His artwork has been used on numerous books across multiple genres. Whether fantasy, history, or science fiction, his talent has been an integral part of bringing an author's work to life."

Ural Akyüz Ramos Shadow Fey Artwork
Jack: _Hello, Ural! So nice to talk and work with you again. When I started to work on my Shadow Fey project, part of the excitement was knowing that you were going to help with the visual imagery of my world. Its been awhile since we've worked together. What have you been up to recently?

Ural: _Hello Jack. We have created very efficient and harmonious work together. Your articles and visual ideas are very successful. For this reason, working together again makes me very happy. Currently, I am able to do promotion and design work as a freelancer for clients from various countries for dozens of different luxury brands that you can see walking the streets of Manhattan. My work has entailed illustrations, visual designs, videos, architectural projects, advertising campaigns, websites, book and magazine designs, software user interfaces and oil painting works for fantasy subjects. We have also prepared educational books and animated stories. I also collaborate with a group of artists to create interactive sets that teach reading and writing to the kids. In short, I work hard, have fun, and spare a little time for sleep.

Jack: _Can you walk us through the process of a drawing assignment?

Ural: _I believe that it is necessary to think of each drawing work as a separate brand id. Each picture must have a common identity and describe the subject correctly. But it has to be free and self-sufficient to protect it's soul while expressing its power to others. There is a phenomenon called fashion. If you cannot create a habit of thinking differently for each product, after awhile, you start producing outdated things. Therefore, I feel compelled to improve myself with every new product. Since I can work on different subjects, the first thing I do is enter the mood of that topic and examine the latest, related works. Maybe it may seem like an For Example; a fantasy-related work, I will examine everything I can find about the topic for a day or two. What about the clothes, facial expression, etc. I also search through my own archive and work with 3D models to assist in visualizations. Then the drawing process begins. Even though I use a drawing tablet and technology, my drawings are completely in the classic style. I create the contours in my head in great detail. Then begins the shadows and lighting effects. I create every shade by hand.

Thus, each picture is unique. Shadows and lighting take 2-3 hours for an amateur person. But for a real professional work it can take 3-4 days.

Jack: _What was your most difficult assignment? How did you overcome the obstacles?

Ural: _I can't really classify any assignment as one more difficult than another. However, I can say that the most difficult part of an assignment is understanding peoples' expectations and finding the right solutions in order to fulfill them. In fact, this is a valid situation, not only in art, but in every subject. Apart from that, there are not many difficulties I face with my paint, colors and pencils.

Jack: _Do you prefer any genres over the others?

Ural: _Fantasy, science fiction, and western I enjoy working on the most. Unfortunately, Western is not as popular as before. But I also try to do something different from time to time to extend my abilities. Even if I don't like it, working on other topics sharpens my mind.

Jack: _Do you have a specific routine and/or ritual incorporated in your work? (For example...do you always work in morning or night? Do you have a specific chair you use, or specific beverage you drink while you work? Or a specific type of music you listen to., etc)

Ural: _Creating artwork requires sitting down for a long time and great patience. There needs to be something around me to keep me interested. Silence and motivation are very important in the thinking and decision making process of the business. But when the creative part is complete, it's just drawing, lighting and shadow over and over again. At this stage, listening to a podcast, radio, YouTube discussions about scientific topics or listening to scientific documentaries. I like to listen to some classical music. But frankly, I think it can be an offense to a good piece of music if you listen while working. It seems to me that it is more appropriate to devote special time to just listening to music.

Jack: _What advice can you give to aspiring artists?

Ural: _I would like to tell them that it is difficult to change the world. Our first task should be to understand the world correctly. Then they will realize that the world is actually changing itself. One duty of an artist is to discover the reasons behind this and show it to those who cannot see it. I think seeing the big picture from the beginning will enable them to reach the target more easily. Artists should improve themselves very well in all areas. Art exists to beautify the world and take it further according to my own particular philosophy. I think we should apply this philosophy to our everyday lives.
And of course, hard work is also a must.

Jack: _Where are all the places that people can find you?

Ural: _Depending on the job, I might need to travel. I never know which country I'll be in. Therefore, I think my most permanent addresses will always be my web addresses.

Jack: _Thank you, so much Ural. I can honestly speak for many authors when I say, we definitely appreciate your amazing gift. Anything you'd like to add before signing off.

Ural: _Thank you for this opportunity. It's nice to be together again for Shadow Fey. I will try to use my experience of more than 30 years to create the best work possible.