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i am working on art.

You may ask, which of these titles is the owner of this site. Creative Director? Art director? Artist? Designer? Illustrator? Or all of these? When the total experience exceeds 30 years, it becomes difficult for the designer to describe himself briefly.

Ural Akyuz started his artistic career at the age of 14-15 at different publishing houses professionally drawing illustrations for magazines and preparing comics. At that time, he received the closest and most relevant education to this subject and in 1991 graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Graphics.

After his education, he taught art and painting in public schools for a short time. He prepared illustrations before, during and after his education, sold and published them to various publishing houses. He produced many children's books at the time and some of them are still for sale. He has made hundreds of book cover illustrations and designs, and has made numerous illustrations for many leading publishing houses and advertising agencies from the press industry. Apart from these pictures, thousands of his works were also used in customer-based promotional campaigns he prepared. Apart from that, he wrote articles in various magazines about art and art education and prepared educational studies.

Always putting his paintings above design-oriented works, the artist felt more free and creative in his paintings. Although he has worked on many different subjects, the subject he felt most creative in the developing world and market environment was fantasy, science fiction, history and portraits. He prepared paintings with charcoal and ink, as well as mainly focused on oil paints, acrylic, gouache and digital works. He worked with gouache and acrylic in his early paintings, and in his last period works, he produces oil paint and digital technique because they are more indestructible.

In particular, he didn't make an effort to win an award. But due to the nature of his work he was honored with some awards. Dan Poytner's Global Best eBook Covers Gold Award, Top 10 Finisher from Preditors & Editors Reader Poll, Best Magazine Cover Artwork, Authors DB Silver Award, TPAO (Turkey Petroleum Corporation) Special Art Award, KSO (Kocaeli Chamber of Industry) Jury Special Honor Prize...

He became the primary artist in the world-famous Heavy Metal Fantasy magazine and his works were among the most famous fantasy artists of the world, and 4 full pages were featured in the magazine's main gallery. He served as a jury in the selection and awarding of the works of some graphic, photography, illustration and art catalogs. He has interviews in different magazines and joint exhibitions he attends.

He works with his clients from different locations around the world and from time to time he finds the opportunity to work with other artists in his visual management works. Apart from that, he also works as a Graphic Designer, Art Director, User Interface Designer and Creative Director in various companies and serves many customers. He can live in the United States and Turkey. The artist always aims to improve himself by entering into connections with different people around the world.

What about other design and branding works?..

Expert in Publishing, Advertising, Interactive, Web, Mobile 3D and Illustration. High level artistic graphic application... Printed and interactive web & mobile designs. Advertising Campaigns, Corporate Identity Studies, Game, UX, UI Designs, Generic, Intro Movies... Knowledge and experience of 4+ color printing and digital, electronic techniques and systems. At the level of knowledge that can begin and end on his own and master the subject, PROFESSIONAL.

Honestly, I spend much more time and effort on design works and I produce much more. However, in customer-oriented work, you become the communication tool of the customer and you take on the task of helping them deliver their own messages. Therefore, it is not right to use those works in everywhere. However, it is up to the designer to help the customer to express customer's demands with a good and correct corporate identity.
I will try to include such works on this site as much as possible. But it should not be forgotten that not all customers are happy to see their works in every place. There can be private and confidential work for the company, which I also prepared many special presentations in this style. It is not right for me to show them everywhere. Apart from that, most of the design works are group works. I managed the group in some activities, and only helped the group in some activities. Music, voices, actors, models, sometimes slogans and articles may always come from different groups. There are also designs that I have prepared 100%, but even in these, the customer requests or the details that they want to keep secret can cause some mess.
Apart from all these, the confidentiality (from public) of my work for a customer can be important for me from time to time for different reasons.
For this reason, I found it more convenient and safe to present examples here on an illustration-rich site. But I have to state that I have done very rich works in terms of design so that I do not restrict myself. As a designer, I have included the examples on this website. You can review the expertise and portfolio pages. These pages will get richer and more detailed and informative over time, but some more time is needed. Maybe if I can help younger ones in this way over time, how happy I am. If you want more details, you can visit my linkedin page and review my resume, excluding the current ones. There you can add me to your list and get in touch.

About ME

About Me

Turn your product into piece of art.

You will see many titles here. Publishing, advertising, art, illustrations, oil paintings, calligraphy, design, social media design, user interface designs, mobile designs, web design, animations, 3D architectural drawings and models, moving images ...

You may ask, which of these titles is the owner of this site. Creative Director? Art director? Artist? Designer? Or all of these? When the total experience exceeds 30 years, it becomes difficult for the designer to describe himself briefly.

You will see more freelance illustrations here, but as you go into detail, you will meet a Senior Creative Director who can work with many clients at a very intense pace.


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