and many more...

  • Ural Akyuz created many fantasy game cards, Fantasy Board Game Cards
    Fantasy Board
    Game Cards
    Ural Akyuz created many new
    fantasy board game card illustrations.
  • Ural Akyuz, winner of GOLD at GLOBAL AWARDS in the category of Best eBook Cover. Shadows of Kings
    Shadows of Kings
    Dragon Rising Series
    Ural Akyuz" is the winner of GOLD at GLOBAL AWARDS
    in the category of Best eBook Cover.
    "I am honored to be an award wining artist.""
  • Ural Akyuz, Top10, Best magazine cover artworks. PREditors and Editors.
    Top 10 Magazine Cover
    "I'm honored to be at TOP10
    in the USA"
    2014 Preditors and Editors TM Readers Poll results:
    Top 10 Best Magazine / e-zine Cover Artwork
    8. Stolen Dreams Issue 34, by Ural Akyuz
  • Ural Akyuz's artworks. Quality, Surprising and Different Subjects
    Different Subjects.
    You can see always various ideas and subjects here.
    The common point of all is "ALWAYS QUALITY"...

About ME

About Me

Turn your product into piece of art.

You will see many titles here. Publishing, advertising, art, illustrations, oil paintings, calligraphy, design, social media design, user interface designs, mobile designs, web design, animations, 3D architectural drawings and models, moving images ...

You may ask, which of these titles is the owner of this site. Creative Director? Art director? Artist? Designer? Or all of these?When the total experience exceeds 30 years, it becomes difficult for the designer to describe himself briefly.

You will see more freelance illustrations here, but as you go into detail, you will meet a Senior Creative Director who can work with many clients at a very intense pace.

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Ural Akyuz examining Peter Paul Rubens's famous original painting, Prometheus Bound at Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Ural Akyuz examining Peter Paul Rubens's famous original painting, Prometheus Bound at Philadelphia Museum of Art.

My Portfolio

Please see more detailed and categorized samples by clicking here.
The design of the pages of the portfolio subject and the selection of sample works are still ongoing.


Years of successful work
in the market

My Expertise

As a result of working for many years without rejecting any offers from various companies, my expertise and intensity have been formed in many different areas. This wide spectrum is the reason for the constant intensity and unending work. As a result, you can trust me, and find solutions in every aspect here. Please do not forget to click on the subject headings at below to see my example work.


My Awards

Please see more awards and recognition events at the news part of this web site.

Ural Akyuz's Dan Poytner Gold Award

Best Book Cover

Dan Poytners Global Awards
Global ebook Awards
My book cover, "Shadows of the Kings" by Jack Whitsel, won a Gold Award at the Global eBook Awards.

Ural Akyuz's Dan Poytner Gold Award Document

You can see some other photos and details about the organization here (Click Here)

The Global Ebook Awards are more than an honor for the best ebooks published, they offer high-profile publicity for ebook authors, publishers and ebooks.

Ural Akyuz's Critters Top 10 Award Logo

Best magazine
Cover Artwork

Best magazine and e-zine Cover Artwork in USA at 2014. TOP 10 PREDITORS & EDITORS Readers' Poll 2014
Standings for Magazine/e-zine Cover Artwork (Click Here)
What is Critters?
Critters began life as Critters, a workshop/critique group for serious Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror writers, then grew up into a set of workshops for every other kind of artistic endeavor. A bunch of writers (or artists, or creators) get together, review each others' work, and tell the creator how they felt about their piece.
Critters Founders is a Science Proffessor at the Denver University and also former Vice President at the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America Inc. If you want to see their poll please see the list by clicking here. (not limited with these)

Ural Akyuz's Authors DB Silver Award Logo


Silver Award AUTHORS DB 2013. Obviously, this award was also a surprise. I did not participate in the contest in any way and suddenly learned that I was selected.
To see more about the organization please click here.
Author Database is a place to find one of the largest collection of authors with quality write-ups.

Ural Akyuz's Authors DB Silver Award Book Cover, Lucid

Thanks Greg for your perfect critique at Amazon: "Great Cover! I was searching through the fantasy threads when I noticed this interesting cover. I decided to stop in and check it out and..." click here.

News and Recognitions

Please see more news and recognitions by clicking here.

Ural Akyuz is Featured Artist at Heavy Metal Magazine image

Ural Akyuz is Featured Artist at Heavy Metal Magazine

Heavy Metal is World's Foremost adult illustrated fantasy magazine. And he is featured artist with his works at the world's most famous fantasy art magazine. Heavy Metal is pretty big magazine. The owner of the magazine, Kevin is Hollywood's one of the famous names, creator of Ninja Turtles. It is a very pleasant achievement to be a priority among the names that almost all artists around the world admire.
To see the official magazine's webpage click here.
Or you can still purchase this old issue from amazon.com by clicking here.
You can get more detailed information about the magazine from the wiki website.

4 page interview with Ural Akyüz in Female Magazine. Cover Image.

4 page interview with Ural Akyüz in Female Magazine.

In the world of art with Ural Akyuz.
All about art, stories and artist. Imagine that you were born into a fairy tale and this tale continues throughout your life... Ural Akyüz is an artist who built his life on the edge of colorful fairy tales, made his house out of cotton candy or pumpkin, and lived with all the heroes of the fairy tales. In his middle school years, he takes the brush in his hand and starts a fairy-tale drawing.

You can see more info about the magazine from their pages.

Or you can check their official page from here.

Ural Akyuz artworks are with CROP Society Exhibitions around the City Istanbul

Ural Akyuz artworks are with CRODER Society Exhibitions around the City Istanbul

Comic Book Survivors Association is a valuable association that includes old friends, writers and illustrators. We are proud to have an important place among the creators of the comic and movie that we all loved since childhood, known throughout the country. In fact, it is a nice feeling to be among the creators of the heroes in the exhibition those I read and followed in my childhood, which is not only limited to comics, but also the first products of Turkish cinema.
Click here for haberglobal news
Click here for NTV news
Click here for Cumhuriyet news

As I know this exhibition opened many times in different places.

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