Original handmade custom drawings, oil paintings.
Commissioned Portraits & Paintings.

Original commissioned
paintings & portraits from
your photos.
Oil paintings,
pencil drawings,
charcoal, colored pencils...
Corporate, family,
children, brides, pets...
Your very personal
portrait or your loved ones...
Exact renderings or composites...
Prices and sizes are depending
to your desires.
Please click on thumbnails for a larger image. All thumbnails open in another window.
Please click on thumbnails for a larger image. All thumbnails open in another window.
Please read carefully to learn more about process.

There is an easy web form below, please fill it out and submit it to get exact answer for your personal questions.
If you have problems with the web form you're free to ask by e-mail or by phone that you already have on my postcard.

Drawings starts from $300 it depends on the number of subjects (people or pets), backgrounds, size, colors etc.
Oil paintings start from $ 1,000 it depends on the number of subjects (people or pets), backgrounds, size, colors etc.
A 1/3 deposit is required at the beginning. The balance of the fee is due upon the portrait's completion and the client's full approval of the portrait. Please fill out the form below or write me an e-mail including the information in the form. Then I will be able to give an exact price. I can direct you to a personal online PayPal page for payments or I can accept personal checks.

Framing will be your responsibility, but I can help you to pick one if you ask.

Please email your photos, attach your photo by using attach button at the form below, or just send a regular mail to my address below. (don't forget to include your name, phone number, and address with it!) Please keep in your mind, a good photo will return to you with a good painting. If you're not able to support a clear photo in good quality we may arrange for photo shots at your place, at your home or office.

I am working from photographs but you may ask for some special compositions, different clothes, new backgrounds, etc.
I am able draw and paint from life and I have worked as a police artist to sketch crime suspects in the past. So don't be curious about likeness of your portraits or my talent. But I am not painting or drawing live at this time. Unfortunatelly, having time to sit is not always possible or desirable for everyone. Especially I am making very high detailed artworks and painting nonstop for very long and weary hours. A good photo taken in natural light is a valuable tool and can create a beautiful portrait.

It is important to discuss the idea of the portrait: will it be with plain background or detailed background with furniture, garden, etc?

I will work in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Drawings are usually will be finished in a week, but oil paintings may need 15 days to a month. You can ask how much time it will take your ordering process.

I will prefer to show preliminary sketches and ask for your approval on complicated compositions only.

Please come back again to see new samples.
I am also available to draw and paint in different subjects. You can think about custom paintings subjects.

You can fill out this form below to inquire about creating your own custom portrait / painting.
Please fill out all relevant fields so I can best respond to your request.
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I can offer for companies as an individual freelancer other than personal portrait:
Classic or Digital Illustration, Paintings, 3D Design and 3D model, 3D Animation, Magazine Design,
Advertising, Multimedia, Web Design, Art Direction...
Calligraphy, storyboards, children book illustrations...
Not limited with these. Please ask for more...
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