Designer Biography Magazine Interactive Advertisement Web Design
Actually I am more than simply Graphic Designer. But Graphic Design is a 'base word' for explaining my job. Graphic Design should be very clear to better understandable for everybody. It should say everything with less words and less images. Printed Magazine Design start from ideas ending with printed copy... Creating new magazine lay out visual support and managing, page and cover design, advertisement support and create design and visual direction if needed.
Experienced since 1992.

Interactive Magazines Corporate design and interactive materials supported with large 3D and design ability, Animations, Computer Games Design Kiosk visual design
Experienced since 1997

Brochure Design, Flyer, Advertising design, Catalogs, Book Jackets, Direct Mailing, Package Design,, Posters, Billboards, Promotional Design, magazine and newspaper advertisements plus others, illustration, 3d, caligraphy and so many others...
Experienced since 1988
Static web design,
basic html with dreamweaver,
Cooperate work with programmers for dynamic
Flash animations,
web banners.
Experienced since 1998

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