I have a vision and talent that is gift from the God...
Every dream is possible to become a real in my world.
_Ural Akyuz 
I am working on
3D Design,
Magazine Design,
Web Design,
Computer Games,
Art Direction...
And so many others like
All of them are very close
branches to me but actually
all of them seperated with
very sharp rules...
  I was born in 1969. First time when I was tried to open my mind to imagination I was 6 years old. I have been tried to write a fairy tale. It was 60 pages and read by all family members.

My first professional illustration has published in 1984 -when I was 14 years old- as a full page Shakin' Stevens poster at the music magazine Hey.

Then I started to draw a comics, cartoons (sample 2), portraits (sample 2) and illustrations at the some local newspapers at 1985 - 86 and I have started to write some articles about comic art at the some Magazines at Sweden.

Of course they weren't top quality of my art. But they was a first and they were beginning as a professional artist at the just 14-15 years old.

Also, I get some awards from national competitions with my paintings. TPAO Special Award and KSO Jury Special Honor Prize.

When I came to 17 years I was already professional artist and enrolled to Fine Art Academy. Then I graduated from Marmara University, Fine Art Faculty, Graphic Department at 1991.

I prepared freelance illustration works for the publishers. Like Altin Publishing, Engin Publishing, Alfa Publishing, Tex, Basak Cards (Greeting Cards), Erkekce, Gun Newspaper, Kocaeli Newspaper, ZRA Advertisement, Statu Advertisement, PC Magazine, Ultra Magazine, Final Publishing, Sorkun Publishing,
Bogazici (music recording) and more ...

I have created hundreds book covers, illustrations, interior illustrations, greeting cards, posters, children books illustrations, cover designs, cd cover illustrations, advertising illustrations and designs for this clients. Also I have prepared graphic designs maybe thousands printed materials like magazines, advertisements, interactive CD-Roms, web sites during period of time more than 20 years. And I have worked as an Art Director, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, 3D Designer, calligraphy artist, multimedia designer, web designer, computer game designer… You may see them separately at my graphic design pages.

I have participated in a few exibitions with illustrators society. I left to contests and decided to create paintings just as a professional artist.

I have immigrated to USA at 2003 and I started working for the US related military company as a 3D Graphics and Simulation Designer.

But actually I like paintings more than others. Because I am feeling more creativity and more free. Of course very important thing is a freedom for to be a creative artist. Thanks for your interest on me and on my paintings.
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